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Fishing tackle found at Fladbury

Fishing tackle found at Fladbury on Sunday 19th November.
At around 1100 hrs on Sunday 19th November, a BAA bailiff was checking Fladbury when he found an unattended tackle bag, near to the bridge.  There was no tackle set up in the adja…

Cleeve Prior car park re-opened

Car park re-opened prior to tree felling in new year.
There are a number of large and very old willows leaning over Cleeve Prior car park at precarious angles. We have arranged for them to be cut down by a tree surgeon, which will b…

Fladbury track closure

Temporary closure of track to downstream end of fishery
Over the weekend our local baillif had to tow two members out after they became bogged down at Fladbury. As a result, it has been decided that the track down stream from the ha…

Chadbury Meadows bank access

Temporary blockage to bank at Chadbury Meadows
You will see from photos that the land owner / farmer has blocked our access up stream from the wooded area at Chadbury with a new fence to prevent the stock from getting into the…

2018 BAA membership rates

BAA membership rates unchanged for 2018
For the 4th year the cost of BAA membership in 2018 will remain unchanged. The cost will also be the same however you buy it, the surcharge for on-line purchase has also been r…

Angling Trust & Fish Legal newsletter.

Angling Trust & Fish Legal Member News 27th October 2017.
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‘Watch out, there’s a bailiff about!’

End of year summary.
As we approach the end of the year and the nights draw in, it is a time when the fishing starts to slow down and we see fewer people on the bank, but during 2017 so far, I am pleas…

2017 AGM

2017 BAA AGM, 8pm Thurday 9th November.
The Annual General Meeting of members of Birmingham Anglers Association will take place at The Venue, (Centennial Centre) 100 Icknield Port Rd. Rotton Park, Birmingham B16 0AA at …

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