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Additional Forden car park

New downstream car park at Forden.
 In addition to the existing upstream car park at Forden, a new downstream car park is now available. Access from the road is the same for both car parks with a turn off the exist…

Keys found

Keys found at Wasperton
One of our members, Michael Ainge has found a set of keys at Wasperton at a swim near to the upstream car park. If you are the owner of the keys please email me your name and a…

Fishing match check

Always check for match bookings at you chosen fishery before travelling.
During the busy summer period please check the match booking listed on the BAA website before travelling to a fishery. This will prevent members finding they cannot fish their …

Hearing aid found

Hearing aid found at Arley alongside car park.
One of our members, Dave Jones, has found a hearing aid at Arley L/B, in the first peg of the venue, the only peg on the smaller car park as you enter. If you have lost one the…

Spare rowing boat anyone?

Request for a rowing boat.
The BAA Fisheries team needs a replacement for the rowing boat it uses for work on our pool and river fisheries. Before we go out and buy one we thought it would be a good idea…

Eardington gate lock

Eardington Brook Section gate lock chain replaced and upgraded.
The chain on the gate at Eardington Brook Section has been cut and the lock removed. We have replaced the lock and fitted a heavier chain. Could members please re-lock the gate…

Algae at Stubbs

Recent outbreak of algae at Stubbs Pool has made it temporarily unfishable.
Stubbs Pool is currently suffering from an outbreak of algae which has made it temporarily unfishable. We are in contact with the Environment Agency and the company that suppli…

Waterways walk

St Richards Hospice waterways walk Sunday 4th August along; Droitwich canal, River Severn and Birmingham Worcester canal
On Sunday 4th August, a charity walk for St Richard's Hospice will take place. The walk has a circular route starting at Droitwich as follows; Droitwich to Claines along the…

Stacklands permit to fish

Requirement for permit to fish suspended.
The “permit” system for fishing at Stacklands has served it’s purpose over the past couple of years, however the BAA now consider that it is no longer required. We have therefo…

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