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Severn Salmon fishing emergency byelaw

Emergency byelaw on Severn for the remainder of the Salmon season until 7th October
Under paragraph 3 of Schedule 27 to Water Resources Act 1991,  an emergency byelaw to protect salmon in the River Severn and its estuary was implemented on the 14th June 2019. A r…

Giant Hogweed at Stourton Castle

Giant Hogweed growing alongside our Stourton Castle fishery
We have recieved a report from the landowner that Giant Hogweed is growing in the field alongside the river at our Stourton Castle fishery. Giant hogweed is nasty stuff as it c…

Lost keys?

Keys found at Blackstone.
We’ve had a call from an anonymous person who has found a set of keys close to the entrance to Blackstone (by the gate). He can be contacted on 07454 993095.

Cotheridge to re-open for new season

Cotheridge fishery to re-open from Sunday 16th June 2019.
The BAA fishery at Cotheridge will be available to members from 16 June, after being closed for the past three years. Problems arose from fly tipping at the site and from illegal o…

Gate lock fitted at Forden

Gate lock fitted to Forden access gate.
A combination lock has been fitted to the access gate at Forden, the lock code is the standard BAA one shown on membership cards. This has been done due to instances of night p…

Apperley Pools access track

Stone topping put on track
A topping has been put on the access track at Apperley Pools all the way from the road access to the car park.   

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