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Retreat Farm Pools re-open

Retreat Farm pools are open for fishing from Saturday 30th March 2019.
The removal of top mouth gudgeon (TMG) from the three pools at Retreat Farm has been completed by the Environment Agency, and they have given the all-clear to re-open them for ang…

Nordley car park gate

Gate refitted at Nordley pool 1 car park
The gate across the entrance to Nordley Pool 1 car park has been refitted. It has a standard BAA combination lock. A fence has been built either of the gate to prevent vehic…

Locking the Gates!

Gates locked for the close season.
In an attempt to reduce fly tipping the car park at Chadbury Meadow and the gate access to Fladbury have been padlocked (key and non BAA combination locks) for the closed season. …

Severn in flood

Pictures of upper Severn in flood.
Pictures by local bailiffs Mike and Ann Wood of recent flood on upper Severn.

Lost wedding ring at danery

Wedding ring lost at the Danery.
Steve Smith has recently reported on our Facebook page that he has lost a wedding ring, it is believed to have been lost at the first pag at the Danery. If you fing this ring c…

Gate fitted at Eardington Brook Section

Gate with combination padlock fitted across entrance 'goal posts' at Eardington Brook Section
To try and prevent fly tipping in our car park at Eardington, Brook Section, a gate has been fitted across the 'goal posts' on the access track to the car park. A BAA combinati…

New stile at Maesydd

New stile fitted at Maesydd car park on track to river.
The style giving access to the track from the car park to the river has been replaced and signed at Maesydd. The car park has space for about 12 cars.   Pictu…

New BAA padlock at Ripple

BAA combination padlock put on gate at Ripple.
At the request of the farmer we have put a BAA combination lock on the second gate (sleeper bridge) you have to open when visiting Ripple. The farmer has requested we do this as h…

Caught at Mythe Pool

Illegal fishing costs 3 men more than £1800
Environment Agency fishery bailiffs caught 3 men illegally fishing at Mythe Pool on the 28th July last year. They were successfully prosecuted for; fishing without a rod li…

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